Korean Skin Care Routine – 10 Simple Steps For Flawless Skin

beautiful korean skin

Korean cosmetics and skincare routines are known as one of the best ones in the whole world. At the age of 50, Korean women look 30 years younger and their skin radiates health and youth. You might wonder how do they do that? We admire the beauty of Korean people and here are some of their secret tips: 1. The 10-second method. To make your skin look clean, healthy and fresh, apply moisturizing cream 10 seconds after your shower. Your skin pores open after a shower so the cream is absorbed faster. One way to do it is to gently Continue reading Korean Skin Care Routine – 10 Simple Steps For Flawless Skin

5 Ways Ice Can Improve Your Skin Health

I’m not a fan of the cosmetic industry and tend to stay away from beauty products entirely. I’m of the belief that beauty comes from within. Feeding your body clean, organic and nutrient rich foods will leave you feeling and looking your best, eliminating any need for harsh chemical laden creams designed to “rejuvenate” the look of your skin.

How To Keep Your Skin Beautiful At Any Age

Acne, redness, blemishes or dehydration are just some of the problems that our skin is facing. Pollution, UV rays, alcohol and smoking are factors affecting the quality of skin and causes premature aging. Learn to care for your skin at any age, and pay attention to signs that your body conveys.

The Skin And Its Care

To look young and have a healthy skin, you must always take care of it. How? I’ll talk about it in this article. Once you identify your skin type and you realize the lifestyle factors that can affect your skin, you are ready to take measures that will take care for your skin.

Night Cream – Useful or Extra Expense?

At night we sleep, at least in principle. But skin metabolism is active. Between 3 and 6 o’clock in the morning, skin cells divide and renew. So they raise the skin barrier against aggression, the epidermis. To help renew our skin in good condition, we must provide sufficient hydration, vitamins, lipids, amino acids and a number of active repairers.