Treating Spring Specific Diseases With Propolis

1. Flu, runny noses – A study conducted in Germany, showed that in patients taking 50 drops of propolis tincture four times a day, the probability of making an influenza virus infection decreases to 40%. Also, in most patients treated with propolis, the healing time is reduced from 6-7 days to 3-4 days.

Propolis – Diseases And Conditions That Can Be Treated With Propolis

Cancerous diseases – More than 30 studies, with effects more than promising, with extracts of propolis, used both internally and externally, were made in various experimental medicine and hospital laboratories around the world. Used internally, 30-50 drops of tincture administered four times daily, propolis prevent malignant cell growth, increases the phagocytic ability of the immune system of cancer cells, help restore organic balance of cancer.