Oranges – Natural Source of Vitamin C For Our Health

Originally cultivated in China and later in all countries with tropical temperament, oranges are found in at least 100 varieties. Orange is one of the best fruit in the winter, supplying vitamin deficiencies, and is a very nutritious fruit. Oranges have remineralizing actions, muscular and nervous system tonic, anti-infective, enhances the body’s natural defenses, helping smooth functioning of the digestive system, diuretic and laxative effects, is recommended for diabetics.

Green Beans, Health For The Body

Green beans are a food that has a high protein content, prevents cancer, diabetes and if you eat too much green beans you will not have problems with weight. Benefit from this vegetable full of vitamins, that you can found in every market. We can maintain or even improve our health if we eat beans because of the trace elements, beta carotene, vitamins A, B and C and lots of needed minerals.