Specific Symptoms Of Cancer

Definition: Cancer is a group of abnormal cells. It is known as a tumor (cancerous) that grows without being controlled. Cancerous tumors invade and destroy the tissues that surround them. Not all tumors are cancerous (benign tumors exist). Benign tumors, which are not cancerous, do not invade and do not destroy the tissue. A benign tumor may grow, however, very much. Cancerous tumors can spread cancer cells to other parts of the body, a phenomenon called metastasis, unlike benign tumors, which are spreading in this way.   Causes: For cancer to occur, there must be something that hit a cell Continue reading Specific Symptoms Of Cancer

Chinese Green Tea Prevents Cancer

The Chinese green tea protects skin against radiation and has an aphrodisiac effect, it has its origin in China, where it is considered a traditional drink, there are several kinds of green tea, the most prized being the one with long leaves, which is rolled before drying, and they are unravel when the tea is prepared.