Sonoelastography – New Method For Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Sonoelastography breast cancer diagnosis

Invented by Japanese specialists in ultrasound, sonoelastography is a new technique that measures the quality and quantity of mammary tumors elasticity. Using sonoelastography removes many of the difficulties of breast cancer diagnosis, because it combines the advantages of ultrasound (depth of penetration and resolution) with sensitivity to differences in stiffness of the analyzed tissue.

Plums – Rich in Vitamins, With Many Healing Properties

These beautiful fruits are from Syria and are very rich in vitamins, are known to have many curative properties. Besides the beautiful color and great taste, plums are recommended by nutritionists in many diets and cures with many benefits for our body, as well as in traditional herbal medicine.

Blackberries – Rich in Antioxidants, Allies of Women

The blackberry is an edible fruit produced by a tree in the Rosaceae family. From this plant can be used both fruits and other parts: leaves, stems, roots, all having great health benefits.

Pears Are Very Good For Our Health

Nothing can compare to the taste of ripe pears which gives a refreshing effect on patients with fatigue or mental strain, after a long day at work or after a sustained intellectual effort. This is explained by the fact that pears have sedative and calming effects for the nervous system. The fruit is recommended to be consumed as is before meals, is useful in kidney disease, cancer, hemorrhoids and in many other conditions.

Breast Cancer – Factors and Symptoms

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women. Already growing in developed countries of the world, the frequency of breast cancer scare even the most confident professionals. Annually, this scourge reap the lives of over 77.000 women, only on the European continent. What is more worrying is the fact that the incidence of this cancer is constantly increasing every year.   Every woman can become a victim of breast cancer, and therefore each of us has a moral obligation to her loved ones and to be informed in advance regarding the danger that lurks us especially with Continue reading Breast Cancer – Factors and Symptoms