Holistic Medicine – About Holistic Healing

Holistic medicine

Holistic medicine is a growing trend in people’s interest because of the desire for certainty and safety of better quality of life. In short, holistic medicine can be defined as the art of living in perfect harmony. It aims to educate humans to balance between body, mind and spirit.

Mental Health Matters, Take Care Of It

Take care of your mental health

Mental health is a very important aspect of our lives, and sometimes we don’t take proper on-time care as it should. We feel that we are strong and that we can overcome anything, but we know very well that we are not always so, and sometimes we search for advice. How many of us have the courage to admit it or how many of us have paid attention to this aspect?

Panic Attack – Causes, Symptoms and Complications

The human body is endowed with the ability to protect from danger or to cope with stressful situations. Panic attack occurs when the protective system react when not needed. Going through a crisis. Your body is focusing on short-term surviving. The level of adrenaline and blood pressure increase, breathing becoming faster. The legs are ready to take the flight, the arms will be strained, as prepared for battle. Pupils are dilated, they get more light. You feel the danger lurking.

Plants of Peace – Natural Remedies For Body and Soul

Late August – early September is when we experience a significant transformation of nature: the sun loosens its intensity, the afternoon light takes on a golden hue, the sky is deep blue, the green foliage darkens and becomes less evident, a sign that the plants have reached  maturity. It is somewhat of a rest period, rest between a hurry and tumultuous summer and autumn melancholy, which nature prepares to hibernate for.