How to Reverse a Fatty Liver – Keeping Your Liver Healthy

liver pain

The liver is about three and a half pounds, it’s on the right side of your body and it has over 500 functions. It does everything from immune control, digestion, detoxification of chemicals, building up of proteins, and so many things. It’s an amazing and miraculous organ. it has 50.000 to 100.000 small little units of cells that help do the needed work. Your body could be functioning pretty good with only 90% of your liver destroyed or dysfunctional. So a lot of times the liver will not show up until more than 90% of it is destroyed. Thus, without Continue reading How to Reverse a Fatty Liver – Keeping Your Liver Healthy

The Health Benefits of Figs

Did you know that the small, pear-shaped fruit called the fig was once a favourite of Queen Cleopatra? Native to the Middle East and the Mediterranean, figs are probably amongst the healthiest foods and also one of the first to be cultivated. Their voluptuous shape, honey scented aroma and chewy taste stand a class apart from the rest of the fruits. With about 30 to 1,600 small, golden seeds per fruit, figs are regarded as a symbol of fertility in many cultures.

Blueberries and Their Importance for Health

The most popular berries, blueberries, are used for centuries for their therapeutic effects. They are not only delicious but very rich in antioxidants, vitamins and fiber. Nowadays, more and more people become aware of the importance that blueberries have for health. Modern researches have found that blueberries have many therapeutic properties.