Signs of Liver Disease

Prevent liver disease

The liver is an organ of the size and shape (approximate) of a deflated soccer ball sitting on the right side of the abdomen just below the ribs. Its role is to filter and purify the body, eliminate toxins in the blood arrived while we breathe, the food and beverages we eat and the medicines we take. The liver stores vitamins, minerals and sugar until the body needs them, and not the least, blood clotting factors.

Liver Diseases

Among the most common liver diseases are cholecystitis (inflamed gallbladder) and hepatitis. Cholecystitis is a disease that mainly affects women aged between 20 and 50 years, and can occur either as a result of infectious jaundice, constipation or appendicitis let untreated. But there are many patients suffering from cholecystitis without having any of the problems mentioned above. For these, the main cause of liver disease it’s a diet high in fat and especially fried foods.