Signs You’re Drinking Too Much Coffee – Drawbacks of Caffeine Excess

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Ever wake up feeling sluggish and barely roll yourself out of bed? You feel it’s way too early for your brain to function properly? Luckily there’s one magic potion that can perk you up and bring you back to life: A cup of coffee. Coffee really is magical. It improves your mood, temporarily speeds up your metabolism and at least from some times, it boosts your physical and mental performance. But too much of a good thing can be bad, and coffee is no exception. How can you know if you drink too much? I’ve put together nine signs that Continue reading Signs You’re Drinking Too Much Coffee – Drawbacks of Caffeine Excess

Menopause – Methods and Treatments That Relieve Migraines, Insomnia and Hot Flashes


Insomnia, depression, headaches, hot flashes and excessive sweating are some of the symptoms that make menopause one of the most difficult periods in a woman’s life. Generally, menopause happens around age 50, when estrogen and progesterone levels fall below a certain level considered normal, and fertile period ends.

Tips On How To Sleep Better

Too stressed to be able to sleep? A really comfortable place to sleep can save you. Many people suffer from sleep disorders. Difficulty falling asleep and twirling all night are mainly caused by stress, which is often independent by our control.

Chinese Green Tea Prevents Cancer

The Chinese green tea protects skin against radiation and has an aphrodisiac effect, it has its origin in China, where it is considered a traditional drink, there are several kinds of green tea, the most prized being the one with long leaves, which is rolled before drying, and they are unravel when the tea is prepared.