The Key To Lasting Happiness In Relationships

Offering yourself love and acceptance, unconditionally, is the baseline for your own happiness and health — and for joyful relationships with others. It’s a journey to get there, so on the way we are met with all the ways in which we have been blocking our own love within.

A Big List of Essential Oils for Health and Survival

By Gaye Levy, Contributing Writer and Rebecca Schiffhauer  Guest Writer for Wake Up World   The world can be a dangerous place. It is not as though we intentionally try to live dangerously, it kind of, sort of just… happens. Of course, we are being more than a little bit facetious when we say that because surely there is more to it than that. We’ve seen enough natural disasters over the last 10 years to realize that no one is immune, and Mother Nature isn’t selective. And there are dozens of other scary events that occur that are not-so-natural. Sickness, war, Continue reading A Big List of Essential Oils for Health and Survival

5 Anti-Inflammatory Nutrients That You Can’t Afford to Miss

It’s often seen as the root cause of a number of diseases, such as hay fever, arthritis, and more. Unfortunately, it also tends to get worse because of a number of habits that we maintain in our day to day lives – and a lot of it comes back to the foods that we eat.

10 Reasons Why Spirulina Should Be Added To Your Diet Right Now

Arthrospira platensis, commonly known as Spirulina is a cytobacteria (or blue-green algae as they are often called) – a single-celled microscopic organism native to many fresh-water environments around the globe. Spirulina thrives in all-natural, non-polluted water where it converts sunlight into the many vitamins and nutrients that make it one of the world’s healthiest and most nutritionally-complete “Super Foods.”

Healing Garlic Soup, 100 Times More Powerful Than Antibiotics

With the holiday season unfortunately comes winter weather and the time of year when it is easy to come down with a flu, cold or even bronchitis or pneumonia. Keeping your immune system strong – and knowing how to treat these illnesses naturally when they do come along – is very important at this time. Below is a delicious garlic-onion soup which takes advantage of the healing properties of vegetables and herbs to get you back on your feet again in no time!