Passion flower – Natural Soothing For the Daily Stress

Daily we are exposed to a variety of stressful situations so we start to get used with stress and live with him as like a part of our existence. But the stress should not be accepted as a natural part of everyday activities, since untreated, stress is the cause of migraines, palpitations, fatigue, loss of appetite and decreased memory and attention capacity.

Sweet Cherries – Natural Source of Health

Sweet cherries bring many benefits to our body. These fruits contain vitamins A, B1, C, E and PP and multi minerals. Cherries have a role in energizing both physically and mentally, remineralizing our body, promotes digestion, eliminate or limit the inflammatory processes.

Apricots – A Miraculous Fruit For Our Health

Apricots, the consistency of vitamins helps in body toning and in fights against infection and bacteria diseases. Can repair affected tissues and influence the development of improved vision. Apricots contain water, citric acid, sugars, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, provitamin A, copper, B vitamins and other proteins. This fruit helps to tone the stomach, liver, heart and vision.

Plants of Peace – Natural Remedies For Body and Soul

Late August – early September is when we experience a significant transformation of nature: the sun loosens its intensity, the afternoon light takes on a golden hue, the sky is deep blue, the green foliage darkens and becomes less evident, a sign that the plants have reached  maturity. It is somewhat of a rest period, rest between a hurry and tumultuous summer and autumn melancholy, which nature prepares to hibernate for.