How To Use Your Mind To Heal Your Body

Take a moment and check in with yourself. How is your body feeling right in this moment? If you’re generally healthy, check in for subtle symptoms. Is your neck feeling tense? Does your lower back ache? Do you have a headache? Are you exhausted — again? Or perhaps you’re battling a more serious health diagnosis and you’re experiencing symptoms from your health condition.

10 Magical Effects Music Has On the Mind

Every fan of music knows the tremendous power it can have over both thoughts and emotions. Great music can transform an ordinary day into something magical, even spiritual. It can provide solace, release, strong sensations and more. But music’s influence spreads further still: right up from our genetic code, through our thoughts and bodies and out into how we relate in groups.

7 Questions To Ask Yourself The Next Time You Feel Intense Anxiety

Anxiety is often caused by unhealthy thought patterns, worries, and stress. However, sometimes that uncomfortable, distressful, and at times panic-inducing experience has little to do with what we’re thinking, and more to do our biochemistry or what we just ate. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much we “talk it out” because our anxiety has little to do with what our thoughts and more to do with these other culprits.

Managing Stress the Healthy Way

How to manage stress

Stress is a normal part of everyday life and stress factors are all around us. We see bad news in the daily newspaper every day, we experience pressure on the job, some people have to hold down more than one job to take care of their families, and raising a family in today’s world can present its own stressors. However, some people are more able to manage their stress better than others. When we see these people we wonder what’s their secret. The secret to managing stress is to manage it effectively and there are some tricks to doing this. Continue reading Managing Stress the Healthy Way