Miraculous Benefits Of Eating Mint

Miraculous Benefits Of Eating Mint

Mint was a beloved herb since ancient times because of its aroma and taste and medicinal properties. This term has been used in medicine, cosmetics, aromatherapy, but also in food.

Mint has been attributed to an ancient Greek legend. Nymph Mentha was so really beautiful that the God of Darkness (Hell) fell in love madly. His wife, the goddess Persephone, became very jealous of the beautiful nymph, so he buried it to remove it from the life of her husband. But Pluto was deeply impressed by the suffering nymph and turned her into a fragrant plant that will bring many benefits to people. Today, peppermint is widely used in medical or hygiene products (toothpaste), cosmetics, nutrition, aromatherapy and more.

Benefits of mint plant

Miraculous benefits of mint:

Peppermint benefit the digestive tract, respiratory, liver, gall bladder, it also has a strong effect on the nervous system:

- Mint juice stimulates bile secretion and discharge of bile into the intestines, facilitating the digestion of fats;
- Peppermint tea is good in reducing problems in gall stones;
- Remedy of intestinal disorders, treats diarrhea, bloating and intestinal cramping;
- Disinfects, another aspect that prevents infection by gastric tube;
- Prevent respiratory infections, is highly volatile menthol;
- Improves blood circulation;
- For external use, refreshes skin, rejuvenates, increases subcutaneous flow is useful to poor peripheral circulation;
- Eliminates fatigue feet, cure the delicate legs;
- A good nerve tonic, like aroma therapy is useful in times of mental strain;
- Peppermint inhibit aggression – is the conclusion reached by a group of Italian researchers;
- Peppermint is useful in the treatment of chronic fatigue;
- Soothes headaches;
- It is useful for the treatment of acne and other skin irritations;
- Improves muscle and joint pain, can cure most of rheumatism and arthritis problems.

- Peppermint is not for children under 7 years;
- Not to be taken while sarcian and nursing;
- To be avoided in case of following a homeopathic treatment.

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    I made an appointment with my doctor yesterday and said to me that mint will help me :)

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